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Is Jesus an evolutionist?



What people have said:



"I thoroughly enjoyed your exposition" ... a "magnificent tome" .. "a highly convincing text."


Evolutionary biologist R.J. (Sam) Berry, DSc, FRSE. (Professor Emeritus of Genetics at University College; former President of the British Ecological Society, the Linnean Society and of Christians in Science. Author of God and Evolution, God and the Biologist, God's Book of Works).


"Mike has made a difficult topic both understandable and palatable for Christians untrained in science. It will be a joy both for clerics and laypersons, enabling them to get to grips with the world of science while remaining devoted to Jesus. His love for Jesus and deep respect for the Bible comes through forcefully in this book. It is a must for anyone who has had concerns about evolution."


Reverend Claude Ross (Former chaplain of the University of Cape Town).


Is Jesus an evolutionist? can be downloaded here




        Part 1: Was Jesus an evolutionist?


1. Jesus and evolution

2. The cross and evolution

3. The Bible and evolution

4. The wisdom of Jesus and evolution


Part 2: Is Jesus an evolutionist?


     5. Jesus and scientific reasoning

     6. Creation and evolution

     7. What if humans created life?

     8. Jesus and the fossil record

     9. Jesus and living things

     10. Jesus, the compassionate persuader



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